JC Patin Group The JC Patin Group, LLC is a privately held certified 8a, State of LA, Sewage and Water Board, HANO and New Orleans Air Port Disadvantaged Business. JC Patin provides Professional Services and Construction, while based in New Orleans, LA we also provide services in many other States. The JC Patin Group has developed a reputation for producing cost-effective solutions for solving difficult issues. Services provided include full program, CM, PM, general/heavy and building construction services, in addition to conflict resolution. JC Patin Group sets high standards for integrity, quality, and service that are built on a family heritage which spans more than four generations. The Patin’s have developed a broad range of experience in all areas of professional services and construction, emphasizing a “hands on” approach to their work. Each is an accomplished journeyman, carpenter and construction professional who takes great pride in his work allowing Joseph C. Patin Sr to use his years of experience and wealth of knowledge to develop the next generations of the JC Patin Group, LLC.

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Construction of fine quality custom homes has long been a trademark of the Patin family. I would recommend them at any time to perform this type of work.



JC Patin