Design3Edge J.C. Patin Group, LLC is a privately held construction company with a office in New Orleans, Louisiana providing a full range of services including general/building construction, construction/project management and conflict resolution along with other professional services including training and project development.


Building on a family heritage that spans more than 70 years, our company sets high standards for integrity, quality, and service. J.C. Patin Sr. and his sons, Joseph, Jr., Cedric, and Kerwin devote their talents to the construction industry having begun their careers as young apprentices at arm's length from Joseph C. Patin, the family patriarch.

They have developed a broad range of experience in all areas of construction emphasizing a "hands on" approach to their work while providing superlative service and quality craftsmanship in every job, regardless of size or scope. Joseph C. Patin and his sons are accomplished journeyman carpenters who take pride in their skills. Joseph C. Patin, Sr. having been in the industry for more than 45 years, still enjoys his active participation in an advisory and mentoring capacity using his years of experience and wealth of knowledge to develop the next generation of the J.C. Patin family enterprise.


To combine the knowledge and expertise of the Patin family with experienced employees to create the premier construction, construction/project management services company in the South.

Our Commitment

J.C. Patin Group, LLC, cultivates and maintains excellent professional relationships with our clients, Architects and project engineers by satisfactorily completing contracts. We have frequently undertaken many projects in which it was necessary to customize construction objectives to meet the needs of those clients. The Patins have successfully completed design build contracts, cost-plus contracts, fee based contracts and various other contracts that demanded innovative construction solutions. Always open to new technology and training, J.C. Patin possesses the ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and develop techniques that are safer, less costly and more efficient to complete the job/task at hand.

This attention to detail and craftsmanship has afforded J.C. Patin Group, LLC an outstanding reputation for providing value, top-notch performance, fiscal responsibility, and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to performance has enabled us to build long-term relationships with our clients. Mr. J.C. Patin believes and operates from the very simple spoken words of his late father that "the minimal added cost or time for good construction pales to the ever lasting cost of maintenance due to poor construction or a cheap price". l